Irish Owned

Codex Office Solutions is an independent Irish-owned company. This gives us a great sense of responsibility to the people of our country. Our success is entwined with the Irish people; supporting local businesses, sponsoring industry events and working with our charity partners is second nature to who we are.

Supporting Local Business

Codex procures 87% of its products and services from Irish Companies. We recognise the impact that supporting so many companies within the Irish Market can have. More than ever we need to protect and help each other to secure and create as many jobs as possible.

Members of Guaranteed Irish and GPTW

We are a member of Guaranteed Irish, a symbol that shows a dedication to promoting the national brand of provenance and trust. Codex have always been a huge supporter of Irish business, from employing locally right through to our procurement and sourcing policies.

Being accredited as a Great Place to Work 2017 is a great honour as we strive to make the workplace both productive and harmonious.

Sponsoring Industry Events

Sponsoring events that facilitate networking and sharing knowledge is an essential activity for Codex. Sponsoring the iSME Conference was an important step for us, as iSME is owned, funded and managed by SME owners in Ireland. The day featured a wealth of top SMEs networking and sharing expertise on how to grow as a business in today’s competitive corporate world.

Giving Back

Giving back to the community is a core ethos Codex stands by. At Codex we believe that homelessness has no place; that’s why we have partnered with the Irish charity DePaul who help people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We worked with DePaul raising awareness for their mission by sponsoring charity events like the 2017 Charity Raft Race.

Fairness & Equality

We believe everybody has a right to work. In 2016 we supported the Job Shadow Day initiative with Le Cheile in St. Michael’s House. This national project brought people with disabilities and local employers together for one day. It aimed to promote equal employment opportunities and highlight the valuable contribution people with disabilities can and do make at work.

Participants explored the world of work by ‘shadowing’ someone in the workplace as they went about their normal working routine.

Support For Making a Living

Codex is committed to ensuring all staff, full-time or part-time, are paid the Minimum Living Wage.

The Minimum Living Wage is a wage which makes possible a minimum acceptable standard of living. It is evidence-based and grounded in social consensus:

  • Based on the concept that work should provide an adequate income to enable individuals to afford a socially acceptable standard of living.
  • The average gross salary which will enable full-time employed adults (without dependents) across Ireland to afford a socially acceptable standard of living.
  • A living wage which provides for needs not wants.
  • An evidence-based rate of pay which is grounded in social consensus and is derived from Consensual Budget Standards research which establishes the cost of a Minimum Essential Standard of Living in Ireland today.
  • Unlike the National Minimum Wage which is not based on the cost of living.