Eco-friendly and Sustainable Promotional Products

As a business, it's important that we remember sustainability and the environment. We like to encourage the use of considered product choices as part of promotional campaigns - whether an item is recycled, recyclable, uses sustainable materials or packaging. Promote your brand and do your bit for the planet with our amazing range of eco-friendly promotional products which includes pens, notebooks, coffee cups, Bluetooth speakers and more. Our incredible range has been carefully curated to include only the highest quality sustainable materials such as metal, bamboo, cork, glass and recyclable plastic.


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TOPFLASK. Copper 500 ml
Game Set Parchess
Journal Notebook
Eco Bamboo Mug-To-Go
Organic Canvas Shopper
Colorado RPET Umbrella
Bamboo Coffe Mug
PromoBag RPET Backpack
Kyoto Thermo Cup
Metal Straw Set
BottlePen Rpet Pen
Stilolinea Vegetal Pen
Eco Wheatstraw Sunglasses
BambooWrite Pen
Recycle Note-L Notebook
Eco Conference Cork A4 Folder
TOPFLASK. Copper 500 ml
Bambox Speaker
Nitol Wine Set
Boriax Wine  Set
Athos Wheat-Cycled Pen
Baco Wine Set
Total 29 products

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