Classroom Tables

Discover our office furniture catalogue at Codex Ireland, where precision meets purpose. Our meticulously designed Classroom Tables, crafted to accommodate various classroom layouts come in sizes tailored to the demands of educational environments.

Our collection proudly showcases industry-leading products such as the Titan Folding Exam Desk and the Titan Folding Exam Desk Trolley, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier solutions that redefine the standard for educational furniture.

Our range doesn’t stop at classroom tables. From the collaborative efficiency of meeting tables to the welcoming aesthetics of reception tables and the executive appeal of boardroom tables, our diverse range of office tables ensures a seamless integration that enhances your business environment with sophistication.

No matter where you are in Ireland, our office furniture delivery service covers the entirety of the country, including major cities like Dublin, Cork, and Galway. At Codex Ireland, you can rest assured that your office furniture needs will be met with quality and comfort.

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