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Safety Clothing


Keep Safe with Workwear from Codex

Safety always comes first. Protect yourself and others with our range of workwear. For many years, Codex has delivered safety workwear to diverse professions and companies. At Codex, we understand the importance of protective clothing in industrial workplaces, that is why we offer our customers a range of the best quality safety workwear from hard-hat helmets to high-vis jackets and protective goggles. Our workwear meets European standards including EN ISO 13688 and EN 471 which guarantee the quality of the materials, performance, sizing, labelling, ergonomics, marking and visibility of protective clothing. We know safety is a top priority for any business, so be rest assured that Codex has you covered. We also provide branding for your workwear. We print or stitch logos, text or images on our clients clothing. We can deliver workwear from our online store across Ireland.


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