Breakout Area: An Essential Part of the Modern Office

Breakout Breakdown 

When you think of an office many ideas and visuals come to the mind, tightly stacked cubicles on an open plan floor, desks with tall stacks of paper and the hunched frame of a worker clacking away at his/her keyboard. Does this sound like a relaxed environment? We don’t think so! At Codex we don’t just supply and outfit offices we aspire to make a workplace the best place a person can be. That’s why we want to talk about what your office could be missing: the breakout area.

Take a look at our quick-fire breakdown to summarise the benefits of a breakout area:

    • Relieves stress.
    • Raises morale.
    • Boosts energy levels.
    • Creates a social gathering space.
    • Reduces the risk of back injury from prolonged sitting.
    • Employees will be assured that the company cares about their psychical and mental health.

What is a breakout area?

As the name implies this is a space to take a break from your work, it’s designated relax area where anyone can sit and unwind. Since this area is for people to take it easy the seating should be inviting and accommodating away from the hustle and bustle of workstations. Soft seating like cushioned stools chairs and sofas are the perfect ensemble for your breakout area. It should be kept as a stress-free zone, not a more comfortable seating area for high powered business meetings!

Soft seating is the perfect choice for your breakout area.

Soft seating is great for spacious and modern interiors.

Why you need a breakout area 

It’s essential to take time away from the workstation and even more important to break away from the computer screen. Working for long stretches of time without taking a break leads to stress, fatigue and a breakdown of morale. 

Microbreaking is a practice that has started to gain popularity and it’s turning the traditional break time on its head. Instead of working for long stretches that add up to many hours with a single hour break in between, workers are now being encouraged to take short little breaks.

Breakout Furniture

The Wall-In range of soft seating creates a semi-private chillout zone.

These little breaks are great to refresh the mind re-centre focus, however, you need to get away from the desk, that’s where breakout areas come in. The breakout area is the designated chill-out zone. This space acts as a sanctuary where staff can unwind, giving the mind a chance to recharge & replenish the drive an office needs to succeed. It’s an important investment as you need to look after your staff, giving them the time and space to take a break. This will stop them from burning out and they will greatly appreciate being valued with this investment.

Now that your better informed of why a breakout area is essential to a healthy productive workplace, why not check out our extensive range of soft seating and start building your very own relaxing space now.

Breakout Area Furniture