Health & Wellbeing Catalogue

Today we spend a considerable amount of time in the workplace, which adds up to about a third of our lives! Staying healthy in the workplace is not just an idea, it’s a necessity. At Codex we aspire to make the workplace the very best place a person can be in; that’s why we have started our Workplace Wellness Initiative. Here you’ll find sound advice, health tips and the finest products in order to work and be well.

Be healthy, be well, be with Codex.

Workplace & Wellness Tips


Relieve Stress and Raise Morale With a Breakout Area

When you think of an office many ideas and visuals come to the mind; tightly stacked cubicles on an open plan floor, desks with tall stacks of paper and the hunched frame of a worker clacking away at his/her keyboard.


Social and Health Benefits of a Canteen

Meal times are now being constantly taken on the go or at our desks. Many of us push aside time to sit down, eat and take a break, opting instead to eat while working. Why is a company canteen so important? What makes a great canteen? Let’s get to it!


Top 5 Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

You’ve probably heard a lot of noise about standing desks, also known as sit-stand desks. How did this health craze get started? Well, mainly because it is now known that sitting down for long periods of time can be very bad for your health.


Reward Your Staff With Promotional Clothing

One of the best ways for a business to become recognised is to have their brand under the public’s nose. Apart from buying up acres of media real estate, there is a way to get your brand front and centre – get people to wear it!


Healthy Snacks

The beauty of this snacking range is that it’s all good healthy ingredients. Whether it’s sweet or salty, it’s honestly good!


Standing Desk Case Study

You’ve probably heard a lot of noise about the standing desk, also known as sit-stand desks.

Featured Products


Good Food Snacks

This assortment of food from the Good Snack Co was procured specially for the Codex Workplace Wellness Initiative.


Sit Stand Desk

At Codex we have a range of sit-stand desks and workstations to keep you in peak health for peak performance in your workplace



Codex has an assorted range of chairs, stool, benches and tables perfect for fitting out the ideal canteen for your workforce.



Ergonomically friendly accessories for your workstation! See what we have to offer. Click the link below to view the store.


Reward Your Staff

See our catalogue of gifts that are perfect for your staff.


Soft Seating

See our range of soft seating furniture, perfect for your workplace.