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PUBLISHED Jan 19, 2023

by Rachel Smith

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4 Reasons Why Using a Paper Diary Is Still So Important

4-reasons-why-using-a-paper-diary-is-still-so-important 4-reasons-why-using-a-paper-diary-is-still-so-important

How eager are you to plan your busy work year? Between meetings, presentations, and events, the goals you want to achieve and the all-important checklists, jotting down your daily schedule is an essential task.

While our phones allow us to keep track of our day digitally, here is why you shouldn't ditch your trusty paper buddy just yet…


Why You Need A Paper Diary


1. A Paper Diary Keeps You Productive

There is something about sitting down with your diary and planning your day that helps keep you extra motivated. Ticking off your to-do list at the end of the day provides a sense of success and allows you to see how productive your working day really was.


2. You Can Personalise Your Diary to Suit Your Life

Writing down your day can not only help you achieve your goals, but it can also help balance your work and personal schedule. Whether you are a procrastinator, a multi-tasker or just someone who likes to keep organised, there is a diary for everyone.


3. It's A Switch Up from Staring at Your Screen

We spend a lot of our working day looking at our screens…. Taking a few minutes out every morning to write down what tasks you want to tackle, plan ahead or just jot down your thoughts can do wonders for your productivity and your mentality.


4. A Paper Diary Improves Your Memory, It's A Fact

In our busy everyday lives, writing things by hand results in much better memory and retention. Science has found that compared to typing when writing by hand we remember more, and we can't argue with science.


Every Professional Needs A Paper Diary


Plan your workday productively with Codex's wide range of Diaries, Planners and Calendars.

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