7 Ways Optimism Can Help You Succeed at Work

We all have a colleague who walks in the door with a smile, greeting everyone, ready to smash their goals for the day. And then we might have a colleague that enters the building in dire need of a coffee, complaining about how busy the day is going to be and how they cannot wait to go back home.

The difference? One of these is on their way to being more motivated and overall happier during their day, however chaotic their workday might be.

Career experts state that optimism as a way of life can work wonders for our lives at work. According to research, the glass-half-full-believers are more likely to be successful, healthier and content with their lives. Read on as we elaborate on how being cheery and optimistic at work can help you and the people around you in more ways than one.

🚀 Optimism and Relationships

Optimism is all about living in the light and hence allows you to have a deeper connection with people around you. As humans, we always need hope to counteract the hurdles life brings with it and optimism gives you just that — hope. A field study consisting of 282 manufacturing employees found that there is a positive relationship between optimism, job performance, and interpersonal relationships at work. 

When you’re happier at work, you make a positive impact on the people you come across. You get better support and encouragement. Conversely, when you’re angry or cynical, you get lesser interest in your ideas. 

🚀 Optimism and Health

All of us have the free will to be an optimist or a pessimist. However, this daily choice of mindset has the power to create biological changes in us that can have long-lasting effects. So what happens to our bodies if we choose to be optimistic? Research shows that optimistic people have very stable cortisol levels because they have a better biological response to stress. 

The less stressed you are at work, the more you will be able to do your best work without having to take sick leave due to stress-related illnesses! If you have been working remotely this year, the feeling of isolation and uncertainty might have caused you to be stressed. Therefore, here are some tips that you can follow to alleviate stress while working remotely.

🚀 Optimism and Risk-taking

Optimism is one of the most critical skills companies look for during their hiring processes. With the market changing every single day, people need to rise above their fears and take risks. Optimists do not shy away from risks. They believe in their abilities to exceed expectations and often challenge those who play it safe.

Pessimists, on the other hand, calculate every single move and step away if the option is too risky to try. This can prevent a company from progression, because after all, greater the risk, greater the reward!

🚀 Optimism and Creativity

Optimism and creativity go hand in hand. Whenever optimistic people are faced with challenges, they allow optimism to fuel them. In other words, optimism boosts creativity because you see a problem in a positive light. Being creative at work requires one to let go of inhibitions and fear. This, at its core, requires a mindset of optimism. 

Optimists are always on the lookout for new concepts and ideas. A pessimist will limit their thinking and tell you that your creative solution might not work. However, an optimist has enough belief that what they are creating matters and could be helpful in the future. 

At work, being an optimist can drive you to uncover solutions to challenging business issues. It allows you to break free from the shackles of indecision and go for it! 

🚀 Optimism and Resilience

We all know by now that failure is a part of life, and there is no way to escape it. Instead of waving the white flag and accepting defeat, optimists take each knock in their stride and move on. Not every task at work will have a positive result. Sometimes you may not achieve your targets, and sometimes you may go under loss. Being optimistic gives you the power to meet these challenges head-on. It not only pushes you to be persistent but also gives you the strength to calm others and help them remain positive and less fazed by difficult times.

🚀 Optimism and Motivation

Motivation is a vital leadership skill to have in the workplace. Lubna Somjee, PhD, a psychologist and executive coach says optimists have the ability to boost the morale of the people they work closely with. She goes on to say that they do this through their words and their actions. Even if you aren’t in a position of leadership, optimism can make you a solid self-motivator. As mentioned in the points above, when you see every situation through the eyes of an optimist, you push yourself to do better. Even if you fail, you pick yourself up and start again. 

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🚀 Optimism and Happiness

We’re sure you saw this one coming. One of the most significant benefits of optimism is happiness. It may not fall in the realm of professional skills to have, but it makes a massive difference in the development of your career. According to psychologist Matt Grzesiak, optimists don’t see failures or anger the way pessimists do. Therefore, it is easier for them to see the workplace as a place beaming with opportunities. Moreover, happier people are so much fun to work with! So just in case you needed one more reason to be happy today, here it is!

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