PUBLISHED May 12, 2023

by Rachel Smith

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Celebrating Our Diverse Team – Meet Bárbara Dominguez

celebrating-diversity-at-codex celebrating-diversity-at-codex

Celebrating diversity within the workplace is essential for creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees. A diverse workforce brings a range of perspectives, experiences, and skills that can lead to increased innovation, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. When individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures come together to work towards a common goal, they are exposed to innovative ideas and ways of thinking that can challenge and enhance their viewpoints.

Celebrating diversity also promotes equality and fosters a sense of respect and acceptance for all employees, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other characteristic. By recognising and valuing diversity, organisations can attract and retain top talent, improve employee morale and productivity, and ultimately create a more positive and successful work environment.

EU Diversity Month aims to increase awareness of the value of inclusion and diversity in the workplace and society. In honour of this, we want to spotlight some of our incredible colleagues at Codex, who originate from a remarkable 13 different countries worldwide.


Celebrating Diversity at Codex


Kicking off our workplace diversity series is Bárbara Dominguez, Codex’s Marketing and Advertising Manager. Originally from the beautiful São Paulo in Brazil, Bárbara moved to Ireland seven years ago and has since made it her home. She also has roots in Spain, adding to her unique multicultural background.

Drawing from her rich experiences, Bárbara continuously infuses innovation and creativity into every strategy she develops, while her dedication to inclusivity and representation drives our marketing initiatives towards greater success. Bárbara's unique experience and perspective bring valuable diversity to our team, and we are thrilled to have her on board.

Read on to learn how Bárbara's cultural background has shaped her daily life personally and professionally as a highly creative and experienced marketeer.


1. Can you describe some unique aspects of your cultural background that you think people might find interesting or surprising?


"Brazil has such a vibrant culture that I find it hard to pinpoint just a few. But I can mention two. First, Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world, so its culture varies a lot from state to state. I grew up in São Paulo, in the southeast, a city four times bigger than Ireland. So, I grew up in a very urban environment. But I have cousins who grew up in Minas Gerais, also in the southeast, but in a rural town. So, I was immersed in another way of life whenever I visited them.


Sao Paulo in Brazil, Barbara's Native City


Second, we are the second largest foreign population living in Ireland. So, you can delve into some of our cultures by visiting one of the many Brazilian restaurants scattered across Dublin – you should try feijoada, a pork and black beans stew served with rice, farofa (toasted cassava flour) and couve (similar to wild cabbage and kale)."


2. What values or beliefs from your cultural background do you feel have influenced your personal and professional growth?


"In Brazil, we are taught to be diligent workers since childhood. I was 16 when I started working, and I have never stopped. I always try to excel in everything I do at work. But this is intimately linked with a second belief: humility and respect. That means that I am constantly learning from and with others. Similarly, I know that whenever I interact with colleagues: they might not have expertise in what I do. Still, they can teach me something I will carry with me, professionally or personally.

Finally, in Brazil, we are taught that to have a better life, we must study. So, I always seek learning opportunities through courses and workshops, reading, speaking with others, and exploring my interests."


3. How do you incorporate your cultural background into your daily life, both at work and outside of work?


"My cultural background has a strong presence in my daily life. At home, my partner and I speak mixed languages, going from Portuguese to English as we speak. Also, we love to cook Brazilian food – so rice and beans are common ingredients in our meals.

At work, it is not so easy to pinpoint. However, it is impossible not to think about how my background influences my ideas, opinions and approach to the daily tasks and projects I conduct."


Feijoada and Farofa Native Brazilian Dishes


4. How has your cultural background shaped how you view and approach challenges in the workplace?


"It is said that Brazilians never give up. Despite adversities and obstacles, I try not to be overwhelmed or discouraged by challenges. I might have to step back for a few minutes to reassess the situation from different points, trying to find a solution to the task in question. Even when I struggle, and struggles are part of our lives, I am confident these situations will make me a better professional and individual."


5. What are some common misconceptions or stereotypes about your cultural background, and how do you address them?


"It is often said that Brazilian are cheerful people who love to party and take time off. Although there is some truth to it, I also have difficult days. So, when people come up to me with preconceived ideas from Brazil, I try to counterbalance stereotypes with my personal experience."


6. What would you like people to know or appreciate about your cultural background, and why is it important to you?


"I love Brazilian music and wish people knew more about it. Artists like Caetano Veloso and Elza Soares are known internationally. But other younger artists I like should also be more recognised outside Brazil; Luedji Luna, Liniker, and Criolo are some of my favourite contemporary artists. Look up their work; it is excellent.


Luedji Luna and Liniker Performing in Brazil


These artists truly capture the essence of our realities and have been a vast source of inspiration for me. Their music speaks to our unique experiences and helps me feel connected to my roots. They represent Brazilian culture's diversity and richness, and I am proud to carry them wherever I go."


At Codex, we passionately believe that diversity is not only morally imperative but also a business imperative. We have implemented various initiatives and programmes to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our GPTW team is actively building a legacy for Codex and the communities around us by championing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through our ongoing efforts, we aim to improve the workplace culture and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.

We regularly run workshops and training sessions to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity. Our recruitment process is also designed to attract and retain diverse candidates, and we ensure that our hiring practices are fair and unbiased. We embrace diversity in all forms and are committed to creating a welcoming, equitable, inclusive workplace that supports all our employees.



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