PUBLISHED Sep 19, 2023

by Rachel Jackson

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Codex Shortlisted for Planet Mark Award in Employee Engagement

codex-shortlisted-for-planet-mark-award codex-shortlisted-for-planet-mark-award

We are thrilled to announce that Codex has been shortlisted in the prestigious Planet Mark Awards in the Employee Engagement Category. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and our ongoing efforts to engage our employees in environmentally responsible practices. Here, we take a closer look at the Planet Mark Awards, why team member engagement is crucial in sustainability, and how Codex has made strides in this area.


What Are the Planet Mark Awards?

The Planet Mark Awards recognises organisations demonstrating outstanding commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. These awards are organised by Planet Mark, a sustainability certification program that empowers businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and improve their sustainability performance. Being shortlisted for this award is a significant achievement and reflects Codex's dedication to positively impacting the environment.


Why Employee Engagement Matters in Sustainability

Employee engagement plays a pivotal role in a company's sustainability efforts. When employees are actively involved in sustainability initiatives, it can lead to a range of benefits:

  • Increased Environmental Awareness: Engaged employees are more likely to be aware of environmental issues and their impact on the organisation. This awareness can drive them to make greener choices both at work and in their personal lives.
  • Cost Savings: Engaged employees often identify energy-saving opportunities, waste reduction, and resource management opportunities. Their ideas and contributions can lead to significant financial savings for the company.
  • Improved Sustainability Culture: Engaged employees help foster a culture of sustainability within the organisation. This culture can inspire others to act and make sustainability a core part of the company's values.
  • Enhanced Innovation: Employee engagement can lead to innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. When employees feel empowered to suggest new ideas, they can drive continuous improvement in environmental performance.


Why Employee Engagement Matters in Sustainability


Codex's Commitment to Engaging Employees in Sustainability Efforts

At Codex, we have made a deliberate effort to engage our employees in our sustainability journey. Here are some of the key initiatives that have contributed to our shortlisting in the PlanetMark Awards:

1. Sustainability Training: We offer support and guidance to all employees, fostering awareness about sustainability issues and encouraging the adoption of best practices. This includes addressing topics like energy conservation, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing.

2. Codex Green Team (Green Earthlings): We have established an employee-led sustainability committee – Green Earthlings – that meets monthly to brainstorm ideas, set goals, and monitor progress. The Green Earthlings empower our employees to take ownership of sustainability initiatives.

3. Team Recognition: We acknowledge employees who actively contribute to our sustainability goals. This recognition motivates employees and sets an example for others to follow.

4. Open Communication: We maintain open lines of communication with our employees, encouraging them to share their ideas and concerns about sustainability. This feedback loop helps us continuously improve our sustainability efforts.

5. Measurable Goals: We have set clear, measurable sustainability goals that align with our commitment to the PlanetMark certification program. Regular reporting and tracking of our progress keep employees informed and engaged.


Being shortlisted for the PlanetMark Awards in the Employee Engagement Category is a significant milestone for Codex. It reflects our dedication to sustainability and the active involvement of our employees in this crucial journey. We are proud of our achievements so far and look forward to continuing our efforts to create a more sustainable future, not just for our company but for the planet as a whole. Thank you to all our employees for their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Stay tuned for updates on the PlanetMark Awards ceremony in The Royal Institution in London on Thursday, 2nd November 2023.




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