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PUBLISHED Mar 8, 2023

by Rachel Smith

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Embracing Equity This International Women’s Day

embracing-equity-this-international-womens-day embracing-equity-this-international-womens-day

Every year on March 8th, we celebrate the accomplishments of women around the world and unite to support equality and equity. This day is known as International Women’s Day. And like many organisations worldwide, Codex is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture in which we give each of our employees the tools they need to succeed.

This year, we wanted to #EmbraceEquity at Codex with a breakfast morning to celebrate our female colleagues' successes, hard work, and dedication. As we take stock of their accomplishments to date, it reinforces that equity is not just a nice-to-have but a must-have.


Codex Employees Celebrate International Women's Day


Our commitment to equity and inclusion goes beyond this week's celebrations. As one of the themes under our Great Place to Work Programme, we actively support and embrace equity, creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. We are dedicated to fostering an accepting and inclusive culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging regardless of their background or circumstance.

That is because the diversity of our people is what makes Codex exceptional. We acknowledge each person’s unique strengths, embracing them to achieve greatness as a team. At Codex, diversity and inclusion are inherent to our culture and core values.


Highlighting the importance of a diverse workplace, Codex CEO Patrick Murphy says:

"Codex is always trying to #EmbraceEquity and improve the employment opportunities for our female colleagues. Our company's efforts to keep diversity and inclusion at the centre of our operations, particularly those of our Great Place to Work Programme, have yielded impressive outcomes in recent years. Of course, we still want to do much more, and our work is unfinished. The organisation’s ardent team of employees, dedicated to preserving equity and inclusion at the centre of all we do, is exciting to work with. We will continue bringing about new developments for the good of our employees, customers, and the wider community."


Closing the Gender Balance Gap


Codex is dedicated to improving the gender balance in top positions and achieving greater representation of women in leadership roles, with 50% of our wider management team female-led. The national average is just 30%.


Codex Employees Embrace Equity this International Womens Day


Emphasising the importance of this year's International Women's Day theme throughout her role as Head of Marketing, Emily McKenzie reflects:

“At Codex, integrity and innovation are two of our core company values. Central to this belief is the idea that true innovation and creativity only come when you have diverse representation and voices in the room. As a female leader on the Senior Management team, I am incredibly passionate about this topic. I feel that this year’s IWD theme of #EmbraceEquity is important for us all to stop and reflect on as employers and consider what changes we can make to adapt our organisation to be a more equitable and fairer one.” 

Alongside HR Business Partner Aisling Murray, Emily McKenzie was recently awarded the Great Place to Work Ambassador accolade at Ireland’s Best Workplaces for their commitment to making Codex one of the Top 40 Great Places to Work in Ireland. Receiving the award highlights their collective effort to strategically unite Codex’s culture with our customer experience journey.

As a company, we are committed to advancing equity and inclusion, embracing diversity, and creating a work atmosphere that encompasses differences and encourages employees to always be themselves. We look to bring about real, lasting, and quantifiable change for all stakeholders and future generations to come.


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