8 Tips to Lead Your Company to a Successful Office Fit Out

Whether you want to create a more professional image of your company, simply scale an office to the current size of your team or carry out any work-space renovation, we are aware that a new office fit out is a big decision. It is important to always consider what will work best for your company, staff and customers.

Implementing a new office fit out will enable you to create a whole new look and feel that will maximize your team’s performance, giving your stakeholders the best of impressions. Check out Codex’s 8 tips to lead your company to a dynamic and successful office fit out project:


1.Talk to your team about their needs: One of the main considerations when designing an office is to allocate space according to staff needs. For example, what percentage of the office should be open plan area, do you need much private space. What are your meeting styles like, formal or relaxed? Think about what will work with your business and don’t assume things about your staff without taking their preferences into account. Remember that a fit out is as much about impressing your internal clients, as it is about dazzling your external ones.


Codex's Fit Out



2.Branding: What makes your business unique? Include your corporate colours and brand or logo as much as possible and where possible be creative. You want visitors and staff to know what you stand for and what you do!



3.Choose a Coordinator: To drive the project forward it is best to appoint one person to co-ordinate and act as champion with sufficient weight to persuade colleagues to assist as well as liaise with the project’s contractors and consultants. This will also help simplify the process as well as speed decision making.


4.Choose the project team: This is a big decision and it requires due care and attention. You need a strong, calm and reasoned project leader and a project team comprising all key departments that are involved.


Office Fit Out Project


5.Plan the fit out carefully with your fit out specialist: You know your business best, so get involved with your fit out provider and ensure to meet regularly with them. Do not wait until the end to give your opinion.



6.Timetable: Have a detailed timetable of when the projects’ key stages need to start and be completed and make sure that the project is monitored and progress tracked.

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7.Health & Safety: It is very important to make sure that the fit out contractors comply with health and safety legislation. Under construction, design and management legislation (CDM) the site owner or leaser is responsible for health and safety issues.





8.Advertise your growth: Make your customers aware of your improvements to your work place. It is a good way of advertising your company and informing the public of your growth. People will be impressed with your individuality and creativeness when they see what you have done to your dated work space. Creating a positive working environment is known to boost staff productivity. Your staff will be proud to say they work in your company after all the improvements.



Choosing the right company to carry out your fit out project is important as you are making a big investment into your business. At Codex we pride ourselves on providing the best advice and finished product and we will ensure your company stands out. You can be assured that your work space will emanate a wow factor.


We are all about partnering with our customers to create truly inspiring workplaces. Having a specialist fit out team and a dedicated project manager from start to finish means that you are looked after every step of the way. No job is too big or too small for us and we promise to deliver every job on time and within budget. Contact us today!