The Hermitage Medical Clinic

The Hermitage Medical Clinic is a 112-bed private hospital in Lucan, West Dublin. Supported by its dedicated staff and the very latest medical technology, they provide medical, surgical and advanced radiotherapy care to its patients.

The Hermitage Medical Clinic is committed to providing excellence in everything that they do, ensuring that patients are looked after in all aspects in their state-of-the-art facilities.


In late 2016, through best practice guidelines, the Hermitage Clinic decided to review their office and print requirements through a robust tendering process.

Codex took the information provided and presented a solution to the Hermitage which would not only provide on-going hard savings but would deliver soft savings through storage, purchase order creation, invoice clearing and supplier consolidation. This presentation resulted in the award of the tender.

Phase 1 – Standardisation & moving ordering online

It was decided to divide the implementation into two phases. Phase one meant taking the current stationery basket and agreeing a standardised range of product that was fit for purpose and that would create a uniformity around every department. While savings was a given, the decision was also taken to roll out this solution to a working group to test high volume lines.

Once the product was signed off, the project moved to the next level of pilot which was moving users to Easy Order, Codex’s online ordering platform. This provided the staff with a controlled, quick and easy method of procuring their most frequently ordered products.

Phase Two – Printed Stationery

The second phase of implementation was the much greater challenge of sourcing and supplying all the Hermitage Clinic’s printed stationery. The Hermitage Clinic had been using several different local suppliers for all its printed and marketing material and wanted to consolidate their ordering to one supplier.

All details in relation to brand guidelines, pantone references and paper weights had to be agreed on every sample; the attention to detail was essential in an organisation with such high standards as the Hermitage.

Print Implementation

A sample of all printed materials were gathered and a rationalisation review was explored with the view that some printed lines could be used for the same purpose and some could be eliminated as part of the review.

Usages were evaluated and the products procured in bulk or pallet quantities, stored Codex’s secure warehouse for daily call off by the Hermitage end users. This meant order quantities were increased (getting improved value) but delivery sizes were reduced so that the Departments could order small quantities as they required, freeing up valuable space throughout the Clinic.

All core print lines were version controlled, then documented and added to the Easy Order system so that users could order online with their day-to-day supplies.

We are delighted for this collaboration project to be nominated at the 2017 procurement awards.

10 Key Benefits for the Hermitage Clinic

  1. Consistent savings across the entire tendered basket.
  2. All products tested and sampled to the highest standards.
  3. Visibility of entire spend by cost centre.
  4. Daily delivery and improved order value optimisation.
  5. Reduced onsite storage (customer specific stock held in Codex).
  6. Desk top delivery to all Departments.
  7. One monthly invoice per cost centre with detailed back-up report itemised for audit purposes.
  8. Constantly monitored Stock control system.
  9. Detailed online product description.
  10. Consolidated ordering for the end user -One order to be placed for both stationery & print requirements.

The Hermitage Clinic now has a cost effective, fast and efficient stock ordering system for all departments, solving their total print needs.


“Having been a customer of Codex for over 16 years, I can attest to the excellent customer service and prompt attention that we continuously receive.

Offering expert advice and guidance on design, print and fulfilment, it is always a pleasure to work with the team at Codex. In the current climate, understanding a customer’s needs and delivering on price without compromising on quality is vital and Codex manage this effortlessly.”