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PUBLISHED Dec 14, 2022

by Sherayne Rego

4 min read time

7 Unique Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Co-workers Will Love

secret-santa-gift-at-work secret-santa-gift-at-work

Finding the right gift for anyone can be puzzling, but figuring out what gift to give a co-worker? This comes with another set of challenges. For a colleague, you need to remember that the gift has to be appropriate, thoughtful, and something they would love to use. With that in mind, we have put together a list of 7 inexpensive and unique gifts for co-workers. 

So whether you’re participating in an office Secret Santa exchange or just want to give your colleagues something nice for Christmas, these gift ideas will ensure gift-giving this year is a breeze!

1. A cable management system

This is the perfect gift for a home office worker or someone who loves to keep their workspace neat and tidy. Although tech has driven us into a world of wireless earphones, mice and keyboards, there still are desktop accessories like chargers, monitors and lamps that come with cables. Not only is this web of wires an eye-sore and hazard, but it can also cause a space to look messy. Cable management accessories like cable ties, velcro grips, cable management clips and boxes are a great way to ensure the recipient has a tidy workspace and a safe one, as these accessories allow wires to be tucked away safely. 

Cable Management Ties: Shop here

Cable Management Velcro Grips: Shop here

Cable Management Clips: Shop here

Cable Management Boxes: Shop here


2. Thermo Cups

Good co-workers don’t let their work friends get dehydrated! Whether your work buddy loves an iced tea or a hot cup of coffee, a Thermo cup will be their new best friend. Whether they prefer their drinks hot or cold or like to drink their beverages on the way to work or at their desk, Thermo cups will keep their beverages at the right temperature and ensure zero leakage and accidental spills. 

Double-walled and 100% leak-free Thermo bottles: Shop here

Double-walled stainless steel Thermo cups: Shop here


3. Infuser bottle

There’s always one co-worker whose new year’s resolution is to drink more water. If you draw their name for Secret Santa, a fruit infuser bottle makes for a great gift! Not only do fruit infuser bottles make drinking water more fun, but they are very sleek and stylish to carry on the go. Just fill the tube inside the bottle with fruit or herbs of your choice, like lemon, mint, or watermelon and enjoy flavoured water all day. 

Pro tip: Once infused, the water should be refrigerated for no more than three days. It should be kept for a maximum of a day if it is not refrigerated.

Infuser bottle: Shop here 


4. Ergonomic mouse pad

A mouse pad is undoubtedly one of the most important work accessories today. This Christmas, it’s time to take a notch higher and gift your co-worker an ergonomic one! Ergonomic mouse pads or mouse pads with a wrist rest are great and here’s why: Using a mouse for upwards of 8 hours a day without a wrist rest can make your wrists strained as they might be at an awkward angle for long periods. You will position your hand more ergonomically with a mouse mat featuring wrist support. The pads are designed to keep wrists and hands more neutral, allowing the user to work comfortably all day long!

Ergonomic mouse pad with cushioned foam wrist rest: Shop here

Ergonomic mouse pad with gel wrist rest: Shop here 


5. Stationery Box

This one is for the stationery lover. And if you’re a DIY-er, this is the best project for you. A stationery box can be filled with anything you like, from pencils, pens, and paperclips to notebooks and planners. If you’re making a stationery box yourself, decide a budget, buy items that are in your budget and there you have it - a personalised stationery box!

Need inspiration? Here are stationery items you might want to include:


6. Monitor stand with a UV Sanitisation Compartment

If there’s anything all of us have in common, it is our love for our mobile phones. With so much time being spent on it, it is fair to say that phones are full of dust, germs and grime. Help a co-worker keep phone and other small gadgets germ-free while keeping their monitor at eye level with a Monitor stand with a UV Sanitisation Compartment. In addition to killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs in less than ten minutes, this unique piece of tech can support monitors up to 18kg (40 lbs) and can be used as a laptop stand. 

Kensington Monitor Stand with UV Sanitisation Compartment: Shop here 


7. Desk Calendars


Help your co-worker stay on top of tasks, deadlines and important days with a desk calendar that fits perfectly on desks of all sizes. Make sure to choose a calendar with a month to view, a compact design and ample space to write in each daily entry slot. To add a thoughtful touch, include a couple of pens, markers and post-it notes to ensure your colleague has all the necessary tools to start using it in 2023.

Desk calendar: Shop here

Is your office closed over Christmas? Here are a few tips on finishing your work on time before the holidays and getting back refreshed!


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