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PUBLISHED Nov 3, 2022

by Kate Nelligan

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Are Standing Desks Better for You?

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Around seventy years ago, researchers found out that bus drivers were twice as likely to suffer heart attacks compared to their bus conductor colleagues, who were more active during their work day. Since then, compelling proof of the adverse effects of prolonged sitting has emerged, and sit-stand desks—once dismissed as eccentric, over-hyped pieces of furniture—are now seen as essential to achieving healthier lives at work

With flexible working and hybrid working becoming more common practice, a standing desk can help workers move from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. Whether you have just bought your first sit-stand desk or want to learn more about it, here is a quick guide.  


What are standing desks?

A standing desk, also known as a sit-stand desk, height-adjustable desk or stand-up desk, is a desk that allows the user to stand and work at a computer. These desks are made for various purposes, like desk work, architectural work or even drawing. While some standing desks come at a fixed height, most are electric and can be adjusted at the push of a button. Moreover, these standing desks feature height memory so you can set your desired height in advance and interchange between those heights within seconds.


What are the pros and cons of a standing desk?

Pros of Standing Desks

  • Standing desks are better for your health. Even if you have a sedentary job, a standing desk will ensure and facilitate movement from time to time. The user can switch from a sitting workstation to a fully ergonomic standing workstation in just a few seconds. 
  • Standing desks promote good posture. It forces your stomach and back muscles to work constantly, strengthening them. A good posture is crucial in preventing aches and pains and can help you during those long days at work.
  • One of the best features of a sit-stand desk is its adjustability. You can adjust the desk’s height to what works for you, and it will remember the setting due to its memory master control unit.
  • Research shows that using standing desks can not only boost productivity but also burn more calories than sitting


Cons of standing desks

  • With many options in the market, finding a suitable standing desk can be hard to find and, similar to sitting, aggravates bad posture if you ignore proper ergonomics.
  • Standing desks are not conventional desks. Therefore, you might need some time to adjust to how it feels. To some, this might feel like too much effort or simply a waste of time and money.
  • There is a lack of long-term research on the positive impacts of a sit-stand desk in the workplace.


How long should you stand at your desk?

If you are starting out, finding a sit-stand ratio that works for you is necessary. Research at the University of Waterloo states that the ideal standing-to-sitting ratio is between 1:1 (one hour standing for every hour you sit) and 3:1 (3 hours standing for every hour you sit). This means that on a typical 8-hour workday, you should aim to stand for a minimum of 4 hours of standing. However, standing for too long is just as bad as sitting. Therefore, ensure that you do not stand for more than 1 hour at a stretch. 


Are standing desks better for your back?

Sitting for long periods can tighten your muscles and hurt your back, especially if you suffer from poor posture. According to a study published by CDC, participants reported up to a 54% improvement in neck and upper back pain after just four weeks of using a sit-stand desk. Therefore, as little as one hour a day of standing can have extraordinary benefits if done right. 


What are the best standing desks in the market?

Looking to make the change and invest in height-adjustable desks? We’ve got you covered. Here are the best standing desks in Ireland this year, so take a look!

Leap Sit-Stand Desk: Leap Sit-Stand Desk is an electrically adjustable range of desks comprising a single desk or bench desk option to build the perfect office environment. The desk is fully customisable – it is available in 3 sizes, 3 colours and 3 frame colours. It comes with a handset with options to set a minimum and maximum height, a memory button, settings to lock the handset and options to set the sensitivity and retracted height. 

Jemini Sit-Stand Desk: Jemini Sit-Stand Desk offers 3-stage height adjustability with a digital display and 4 pre-set buttons for an easy transition between sitting and standing. The 25mm thick desktop is mounted on sturdy cantilever legs and features dual cable management ports. Like the Leap desk, the Jemini comes in various sizes, finishes and colours. 

First Sit-Stand Desk: First Sit-Stand Desk is a great option to improve posture, reduce fatigue and encourage active working. It has 3-stage height adjustability with a digital display and 4 pre-set buttons to switch easily between sitting and standing. It also has dual cable management ports to ensure your desk is not cluttered with wires. Like Leap and Jemini, First desks are also available in various sizes, finishes and colours. 


Have more questions?

We understand different offices have different needs. Codex Ireland caters to all furniture requirements, whether you need desks with extra storage, modular desking or sit-stand desks. Our range of office furniture can be used in a corporate setting or adapted to create a professional work set-up in a home office. Check out our desking range here: Office Desks Ireland.


If you have any more questions or need to discuss your requirements with us, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us here.


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