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PUBLISHED Mar 16, 2023

by Rachel Smith

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Codex's Multi-Faceted Program of Digital Transformation Shortlisted at the CIO Awards 2023

digital-transformation-shortlisted-at-the-cio-awards-2023 digital-transformation-shortlisted-at-the-cio-awards-2023

We are delighted to announce that our Head of IT, Gerard Healy, has been shortlisted in the “Future IT Leader of the Year” category at the CIO & IT Leaders Awards 2023. The award recognises individuals who have progressed rapidly in the last two years and demonstrated business value and innovation through technology. 

Recognising achievement in technology innovation and leadership in Ireland, the CIO & IT Leaders Awards celebrate the change-makers and disruptors taking their organisations to new heights with their approach to IT strategy.

Gerard has been shortlisted in the “Future IT Leader of the Year” category for his focused efforts on maximising customer experience through digitisation, automation, system integrations and analytics, which has reduced order fulfilment lead time by 25% and contributed to an overall 89% customer satisfaction score in 2022.


Head of IT Gerard Healy Shortlisted at the CIO Awards


A Multi-Faceted Program of Digital Transformation


In 2022, Gerard led a multi-faceted program of digital transformation, process automation, and customer integration to accelerate, automate and eliminate duplication of business processes across the organisation.

In total, 12 key business processes were digitised and automated in whole or in part. Essential business resources across all competencies and departments were released from manual data entry functions to enable refocus on analysis, growth, and business excellence.

This program's conception and execution have greatly improved our organisational effectiveness and helped us put our customers and employees at the centre of business operations. Codex can now do more, faster, better, and more accurately. The organisation can also maintain its growth trajectory while improving customers, key suppliers, and employees’ sentiments. The result has increased employee engagement and retention, allowing staff to focus on the most difficult, exciting, and complex organisational tasks.


A Strengthened, Scalable and Secure Future


These actions have freed up organisational resources across all corporate pillars and operations, enabling Codex to accomplish more, continue to satisfy the needs of its customers, and be the market leader in its key sectors of Office Supplies, Furniture, and Print. Codex's long-term scalability and security have greatly improved thanks to the delivery of digital transformation, monetisation of the IT function, and organisational efficiency through process automation. This achievement would not have been possible without Gerard's leadership. It has considerably aided in creating a modern IT department and business as a whole and made Codex a Great Place to Work.


Learn more about the CIO & IT Leaders Awards and see the shortlist below.




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