PUBLISHED Jan 31, 2024

by Heike Dieckmann

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Scaling for the Future: The Big Interview with OPI and Patrick Murphy

scaling-for-the-future-opi-big-interview-patrick-murphy-codex-office scaling-for-the-future-opi-big-interview-patrick-murphy-codex-office

Since assuming leadership in 2019, Patrick Murphy has meticulously expanded upon the strong foundation his father and Codex founder, Brendan Murphy, laid and that of his predecessor, Siobhan O'Conner.

It has nothing to do with the 'luck of the Irish' and everything to do with the CEO's passion for the company and commitment to making constant investments for the benefit of both customers and employees that Codex, the market leader of B2B office supplies and services, has been successful for so long.


Scaling for the Future - OPI Big Interview


In an exclusive interview in the latest edition of OPI’s Big Interview, Patrick sits down with Heike Dieckmann to discuss how Codex is ready to go bigger and even better than ever after a huge amount of work and investment.


OPI Interview - Irish B2B Provider of Office Supplies and Services Codex Office Solutions


Step into the Codex boardroom as Patrick reveals his journey to the pinnacle of leadership and explores the strategic evolution of Codex's product portfolio, which now expands across Office Supplies, Facilities Management (FM), Print and Design, Office Furniture & Fit Outs and Technology, and details the delicate balance of meeting the growing needs of Codex's large customer base.

From pivotal moments shaping Patrick's trajectory to the CEO position to Codex's adaptability in a changing business landscape and insights into customer-centric approaches, operational excellence, and anticipating market trends in office supplies —this interview is a deep dive into the intricate world of leadership.


Read the full interview here.




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