PUBLISHED Dec 7, 2022

by Kate Nelligan

3 min read time

Why Is Breakout Furniture So Important?

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As offices continue to evolve, employers must ensure that their spaces are employee-centric and encourage collaboration. This need has given rise to the concept of breakout zones – zones or areas that are comfortable, cosy and can be used for different purposes. 

Although breakout areas are rising in popularity, you might wonder why your company should invest in breakout furniture or if it’s really that important. 

Read on as we discuss office breakout area furniture, how it can affect your space and how you can achieve it. 

What is a breakout room or a breakout area?

A breakout area or a breakout room is a versatile zone that is available to employees and visitors that is separate from their working area. This zone can be used for informal meetings, collaborative work, informal catch-ups, and even relaxation areas. The aim of a breakout area is to create a multi-functional space effectively.  

What is breakout furniture?

Office breakout furniture enhances the function of a breakout area by increasing comfort, providing privacy or encouraging collaboration. Breakout breakout office furniture can be placed in canteens, relaxation areas, and reception desk areas. 

What furniture do you need in a breakout area?

Stemming from the previous point, a good breakout area serves multiple purposes. For example, a breakout area can be used as a canteen during lunchtime and can transform into an informal meeting area during the day. It can also be used as a quiet space to take calls or attend virtual meetings. 

Here are the top types of breakout furniture to consider : 

What is the importance of breakout spaces?

Breakout spaces are becoming increasingly popular in this era of collaboration and hybrid working. Here are some of the benefits a breakout space can offer to your workplace:

  • Better collaboration

Research suggests that a comfortable office design can make employees 31% happier and more productive at work. Breakout areas are a significant change of scenery for employees, allowing them to meet their colleagues and work on projects together. The atmosphere in breakout areas is also more friendly, encouraging staff to meet up, swap ideas and collaborate. Using colourful and modern breakout furniture in the workplace is also a great way to boost moods and enhance creativity. 

  • Greeting visitors and clients

A breakout area provides an ideal space for employees to meet with visitors and clients. The relaxed ambience makes serving drinks and refreshments easy and more welcoming than in a meeting room. 

  • Encourages breaks

It is recommended that employees take at least a 5-minute break every hour to be their most productive selves at work, and a breakout area is a perfect space for it. It allows employees to step away for a bit, and enjoying time out in a comfortable breakout area will help them to return to their work feeling refreshed.

How can Codex help?

Whether you want your breakout space to be used for meetings, brainstorming, or as a space for staff to relax in, there is plenty of breakout furniture available to choose from. Our new range of Breakout furniture includes modern high tables, tall stools, comfy armchairs, and sleek coffee tables.

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