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PUBLISHED Apr 28, 2023

by Rachel Smith

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4 Ways to Revitalise Your Office to Boost Morale

ways-to-revitalise-your-office-to-boost-morale ways-to-revitalise-your-office-to-boost-morale

To celebrate National Workplace Wellbeing Day, we want to put focus on revitalising your office space and suggest office morale boosters in the workplace, as making small changes to your office space that puts employees' needs first is one sure way to promote their physical and mental health at work.

According to a study by mental health charity Mind, 60% of employees think that if their employer made steps to support their health and well-being at work, it would increase their motivation and make them more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work.

Hence this blog will focus on flexible working and collaborative workspaces, improving ergonomics in the office and creating dedicated areas that support the right to disconnect during break times.

We already know that a well-designed collaborative work environment can increase productivity, lift spirits, and give employees the resources to ignite their creativity and produce their best work, especially if the focus is on bringing your team together while onsite. And it doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot for your company. There are many ways to add some fresh vibes into the office and get your employees pumped up and prepared for the year ahead.

But why is now the time to revitalise your office space? Well, for one, your employees spend a good part of their week in the office. So, why not make it a workspace that brings out the best in them?

We have also seen a surge in hybrid working models across most industries. While hybrid working benefits both the organisation and its employees, it does bring about fewer opportunities for collaboration, and the team can become disconnected while working from home.

Therefore, it’s time to inject some life into your office layout to bring positive results for you and your employees.

So, what can you do to revitalise your office to boost morale at work?


Reorganise Your Space


When was the last time the office was restructured? Employees can quickly become bored and disengaged by sitting in the same chair daily, even if they are only on-site for a few days a week. Therefore, why not change things up a bit? Sitting next to a new face can help boost morale and motivate employees while giving the office environment new energy!

Even better, have you ever thought about an open office layout rather than the conventional individual office design? With so many employees working remotely and visiting the office sporadically, open office layouts and shared desk spaces are becoming increasingly common, allowing employees to come together, actively engage and work collaboratively.

Many design options are available, from minimalist to eclectic, and original solutions for even the most challenging office spaces.

Here at Codex, we unveiled our new office design that focused on modernising how we work. The open-space layout and hot-desking introduction make it easier for departments to cross-function, allowing them to choose where to sit and work together in a collaborative and engaging environment.


Codex New Open Space Collaborative Office


Another prime example of turning a traditional office into a modern workspace is our rejuvenation of Conduit. Check out our Conduit case study to see how we created a home-from-home office space for the new hybrid worker using an open office layout design.


Upgrade Your Furniture


Your office furniture is its foundation; desks and chairs are essential for employees to perform their jobs and are vital to their physical well-being. Appropriately proportioned workstations and comfortable desk chairs can contribute to good posture, positively impacting productivity and boosting office morale.

Choose office furniture that is sturdy and functional enough to withstand regular wear and tear while also being practical enough to lessen the possibility of any health issues emerging from prolonged use of non-ergonomic office furniture.

For example, ergonomic chair options can improve employees’ posture and contribute to a consistent office design look.

Learn more about workplace ergonomics.


Ergonomic Office Set Up


Offer Flexibility


Breakout areas and collaborative environments are a must for offices in 2023. If you have the space, setting up locations for teamwork and brainstorming away from the typical office desk is a terrific approach to getting ideas flowing.

Revitalise your office and your employees by adding acoustic pods/booths and spaces readily available for impromptu meetings, allowing for flexibility that helps foster creativity and productivity. Acoustic pods also give employees the ability to have privacy in open-concept areas.


Codex Customer Huawei has acoustic booths situated throughout their headquarters in Dublin


Pictured Above: Codex Customer Huawei has acoustic booths throughout their Dublin headquarters.


Create a Recreational Space


JLL’s Regenerative Workplace Research found that 36% of employees feel that they lack energy while working. One way to revitalise employees’ energy levels is by implementing a recreational space that allows them to switch off from work mode during break periods.

Creating a recreational space doesn’t need to be expensive. There should be a modest area in the office where workers may mingle and socialise during breaks. A communal space also allows individuals to interact with people from other teams and departments they might not normally encounter. Put simply, creating a recreational space could mean adding an open seating area to the canteen or introducing breakout areas throughout the office to encourage higher levels of interaction.


Office Recreational Spaces to Boost Moral Amongst Employees


Looking for something more than the average recreational area? Feel free to go all out and add beanbags, colourful art, plants and whatever else strikes your fancy. Instead of serving as a distraction, creating breakout areas for co-workers to interact and take a quick break will increase productivity because employees will return to their desks feeling rejuvenated. Access to light snacks, tea, and coffee might enhance this further. Although it's a simple and inexpensive gesture, it can significantly impact the workforce!

At the end of the day, updating your office does not have to be an expensive, large-scale project, as little, iterative improvements can make a noteworthy difference and can significantly boost morale and productivity and business growth.


Has this given you some food for thought? Our team of Interior specialists and project managers are on hand to offer office design and fit-out support from concept to completion. Reach out to us today at and revitalise your office in 2023.



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